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"If you don't know the meridians, it will be wrong at the beginning" Many patients asked me about the origin of "one-needle treatment", and my answer is that the treatment comes from the sentence. As our clinic have been operated in the Denver for more than four years, Acupuncturist Lei increasingly felt the difficulty of business, which is not reflected in the treatment effectiveness, or the quality of patients, but is reflected in the overall environment and atmosphere of the acupuncture treatment.

In the past four years, more than 4,500 patients visited us for medical treatment. Among them, over 90% has tried acupuncture in other clinics; however, most of the patients are not satisfied with the effect of acupuncture; moreover, some patients (including a few medical doctor) asked: "I do not know what that acupuncturist is doing". Therefore, many patients who visit us for the first time will say that they won't try the acupuncture treatment anymore if not recommended by their families or doctors.

Acupuncturist Lei is not being disrespectful to other practitioners, but just talking about the medical skills of a doctor. Acupuncture is simple and difficult medicine science. It is simple that some untrained people can follow suit, but it is difficult to know that how to achieve double effects with less work by using a few silver needles. I believe this is also the point that many practitioners feel the difficulty (including me). Thus, Acupuncturist Lei has to mention the sentence: “if you don't know the channel, it will be wrong at the beginning". The fundamental of acupuncture is the channel. The travel of channel, the control range and the viscera which it is connected have all special significance, it is not just like as saw with your own eyes. I've interviewed some acupuncturists who were seeking for a job. From their practical operations, they have mastered the general travel of the channel only, or just follow the most superficial knowledge observed on the chart. “How can such a condition cure the disease of a patient?” This was my biggest concern.

Acupuncturist Lei discusses a case here. A teacher from Denver, Caucasians, after an inappropriate cervical treatment (herein we will not mention what kind of treatment), there is an inexplicable throbbing murmur appeared in one side of the neck, and the murmur had lasted for six months, but it also significantly exacerbate the trend. After MRI on the neck, various examinations, injections and physical therapies and other imaginable treatments, there is no effect at all. Then she visited my clinic saying she was recommended by her friend. My treatment simple, only sticking a bit the zhōngzhǔ on her hand, and the most of the murmur was immediately disappeared. For the specific principles. not much explanation needed. We believe the mystery inside can be understood by many practitioners. Surely, my "one-needle treatment" was only developed on the basis of being familiar with the channel travel, but also containing some anatomy and "special discovery" knowledge. Although practicing for more than 20 years, Acupuncturist Lei still feels that there are many technologies required for continuously improving, and more medical knowledge and pathology may not be quite clear. The knowledge can be mastered after sustained practical research for many years.

“If not working for 40 years, no one can talk about medical treatment” is a frequent saying sentence of my teacher, which keeps me to push myself. The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep.

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