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one-needle treatment

For this treatment, it seems like a paradox against the principal of traditional acupuncture, which spreading needles from head to toe. But, we can easily read from ancient books about TCM, that many famous herbalist doctors usually cure pains by single needle in a moment.

Jingshan PENG, the founder of the eye acupuncture therapy, had mentioned in his Works that, “if one needle can cure, we never use more”. Many famous and old-aged herbalist doctors just use one needle only for treatment.

Since contacted with TCM at 12 years old, acupuncturist lei deeply know the extensive and profound of TCM, and also acupuncturist lei had experienced the treatment of Tennis elbow cured by one needle. Therefore, acupuncturist lei have summarized a methodology of one-needle treatment in order to help more patients who suffered from pains.

If you had ever tried many ways but still cannot get rid of lumbago, backache, headache, neck and shoulder pains, etc., please try my “one-needle treatment”, and acupuncturist lei will give you a big surprise.

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