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special technique: acupressure

Acupuncturist Lei had met some patients who are afraid of acupuncture during his doctor works in Highlands ranch and Denver. Acupuncture has thousands of year’s development in China, but quite short history in the U.S; and it is hard to understand and trust by U.S citizens generally. In addition, acupuncture is fundamentally to prick by a needle. Although Acupuncturist Lei is using very fine and one-time acupuncture needle, but some patients still feel slightly sour, numb and swell, and it is still unacceptable for certain patients, with horror.

Considering the condition of patient, acupuncturist Lei create a new type of finger massage based on his “one needle treatment”. This new type uses the marvelous “reflex links” of human body, and it is different from the traditional type. Corresponding neural reflex point at far-end of human body will be massaged to relieve the pains and lesions.

For applicability of different pains, it depends on the basic judgment of Acupuncturist Lei, and check the reflex point is suitable for local massage. For details, please visit us.

Acupuncturist Lei hope for helping the patients in Highlands ranch and surrounding area of Denver to stop the pains by the brand-new technology.

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