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one needle man

“One needle man” is a kind nickname of “Acupuncturist Lei” given by the patients. A patient is on his travel from Utah to highlands ranch, but he does not believe his pains that suffered for several years will be relieved by a single needle at first. He told me about an acupuncture experience: more 20 needles acupunctured on his back and meanwhile tens of needles on ear. And he did not believe the acupuncture therapy because the above treatment taking no effect. Acupuncturist Lei bet on the effect of single needle with acupuncturing on ear and back, otherwise, free of charge. When a finest needle pricked on his head, “one need man”, he said causally. Since then, many patients call Acupuncturist Lei “one needle man”. No matter which part aching, Acupuncturist Lei will apply his unique “one needle treatment” to stop the pains by the explicit nidus. Welcome clients from highlands ranch and Denver to call and visit us!

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  One Needle Man